Holy shit... yeah.... I have to come up with a title...

Holy shit...  yeah....  I have to come up with a title...


Where to start?

Okay, this seems like a good place...

There have been a lot of changes since my last post.  You may have noticed that the entire site has changed.  Or you may not, that's fine too.  Dorothy and I decided to combine our efforts under a single banner, Mark of the Raven.  I love the name "7th Circle FlameWorks", and I'm certainly not letting go of the trademark, but it didn't really fit with what Dorothy does.  At least not yet.  She doesn't really work with fire much at all.  Mark of the Raven is non-specific enough to cover both of us, even though that was her name, and her idea, it just works for both of us, so that's the way we decided to go.

To go along with the name change we have combined our efforts in other areas.  We now have a combined business Instagram, Facebook, website, and numerous other things.  We aren't turning into one of those weird couples that has a shared Facebook, but we are both running the same business pages, at any rate.  We completely re-designed the website, to the point that the old one is just a faded memory.  (We are even taking classes on social media marketing.)

Good riddance, imo.  That site was some hokey, free, no-feature-having, bullshit.  We need to present ourselves as if we had some class.  (note, Dorothy really has all the class and taste in this family.  I prefer all black with chrome accents and heavy metal / hardcore rap.)

I had to create new stickers (one or two will be include with each order), new business cards, new swag...  like... damn... how much shit did I have my name on?!?

This whole thing has been crazy.  Like running from an epic car fire. (picture related.)  We have to just look forward, and run like hell towards the future we are working so hard to create, before the past explodes behind us.  Wow.  Look at me acting all existential and shit.

Thank you for being with us on this crazy ride.  We couldn't do it without the support of our friends, family, and wonderful customers.  We really hope that you enjoy our art as much as we enjoy making it.

-Louis Cipher

(p.s. I don't know who to give credit for the picture, otherwise I would.  It was just too cool not to use.)

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